Tuesday, April 26, 2016

7 Tips on Beating The Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss plateau
Are you stepping on a scale?  Have you seen it not move for a couple weeks in a row?  This is where most people decide to give up.  If your really serious about losing weight then you need to break through the barrier and get that scale moving down again.  Here are  7 tips on beating the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Weight Loss Tip #1

Do not skip any meals.  If you skip a meal your body will start to compensate.  You need to keep your metabolism going by feeding it.  Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  By eating a breakfast high in fiber and protein, you will stay full longer and in the long run feel better.

Weight Loss Tip #2

Drink plenty of water.  You need to stay hydrated to keep the full feeling.  Water of course will keep you hydrated and keep that feeling of being full.  With that you also eat less.

Weight Loss Tip #3

If the scale refuses to budge, then consider lowering your calorie intake.  Everyone know that weight loss is a simple equation.  Calories in must be less than calories out.  When you reach a point where the scale does not budge, then one of the easiest ways is to lower your calorie intake.

Weight Loss Tip #4

This goes along with weight loss tip #3.   Burn more calories.  This does not necessary mean that you need to spend more time in the gym.  It does however mean that you need to get up and move.  Even a short 10 minute walk after breakfast or lunch.  Just get moving and get that heart pumping.

Weight Loss Tip #5

Try the Apple Cider Vinegar trick.  Well its not really a trick, but a proven method to help your body burn fat and curb hunger cravings.  ACV also helps regulate blood sugar levels and your blood pressure.  My favorite recipe is 2 tablespoons of ACV with a dash of Cayenne Pepper, 4 oz of water and a bit of organic honey to sweeten.

Weight Loss Tip #6 

Counting calories is something that most on a diet dread.  There are many apps out there that will help you with this and keep you on the right track.  How are you supposed know what you eat, if you don't know what you eat, then you will never know what your calories are.  Keeping a food journal is a great way to break the plateau.

Weight Loss Tip #7

The best and most important tip is saved for last.  Do not give up.  Failure is on achieved by those that give up.  Keep going and stay on the right path.  If you falter, then get back on the path with the food plan after a bad weekend.

Diets are always a sure fire way to fail.  In order to succeed at losing weight then you need to consider this a change of life.  This is because most diets are designed to remove a certain item from your life in order to achieve a certain goal.  The problem here is that our bodies will start to crave this item.  When this happens your more than likely to give in and start to fail.  If you are taking in the right amount of nutrients then your body will be full, even if your calorie intake is low.  Eat meals that are high in nutrients and low calorie like whole fruits and vegetables.  As always we welcome comments and tips. 

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