Thursday, June 30, 2016

Personal Trainer: Two Months out of Tough Mudder

Today I had a visit with a personal trainer.  I realized that I have to get ready for the Tough Mudder.  It is coming up quick.  First many of you are probably wondering how the Biggest Loser Competition turned out.  Well, I took first place.  It was not easy, in fact I had many days that I realized that I was not eating right.  I was tired and getting drained quick.  Ill get into that a bit more later.  

I have decided to get ready for the Mudder coming up in August.  It is in Andover New York.  I am really excited about this.  Here is what I will be doing over the next few days.

#1 Warm up.  5 minutes on the treadmill 5 minutes with battle ropes

#2  10 different nautilus machines/1 rep each.  5X in less than an hour.  Not much break in between each machine.  Just long enough to wipe it down after each use.

#3  5 minutes rope 5 minutes treadmill 5 minutes elliptical

Im doing the above workout over the next 3 days. 

Im going to get started tonight. 

Really excited about the gains and changes Im making in my life.

Well until next time. 

Go bills!

Visit my trainers site  Bodies By Motivation

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