Saturday, October 19, 2013

Acute Renal Failure: What Are The Symptoms?

There are many causes to Kidney Diseases. They range from Diabetes to Cirrhosis of the Liver. More This post is about the later. The proper medical term for this condition is Hepatorenal Syndrome. This is caused by Acute Liver Failure, Alcohol Hepatitis or Cirrhosis of the liver. Below you will learn the symptoms that go along with this disease or condition. The end result is most commonly death.

Conditions that arise from this type of condition include blood pressure that rapidly decreases every time the patient moves or shifts. Changes in their mental states, confusion or delirium. The patient may exhibit signs of dementia. Muscle jerks or twitches. Dark colored urine that goes along with the patient not producing any urine. This can cause swelling in the face and extremities. Yellow skin or Jaundice. I believe this to be an early sign of liver failure.

Acute Renal Failure, Kidney Disease
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Now on to my personal experience with this whole thing. My stepdaughter's father is going through this right now. I am not sure how much longer he has to live. The man is in Hospice as I am typing this. I have noticed that his urine is either not their or just blood. His hands are starting to swell, and he has shown some twitching. Not to mention thirst. These are all signs of Acute Renal Failure End Stage.

From what I have learned from reading different sources on the net, the time frame of life for this is very unpredictable. It could be from days to weeks. Its too hard to tell because all patients are different. Some doctors tell you that kidney failure is the least painful way to die. Not sure about this, because at Hospice they wont let him eat or drink. It seems to me that is just a way to speed the process along. The nurse did mention that they do not want him to aspirate. This is all new ground for me, if anyone knows more, please comment.

Here is to hoping that this process goes along with the man having the least amount of pain possible. I want nothing more that that for my stepdaughter. There is enough stress on her and him at the moment. So, in closing if you know that your suffering from liver failure or kidney disease, please do something about it. You need to see and work with your doctor to have the possibility of a transplant. Check back for more as time goes by.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blood Antibodies: Are They Good For You

Lets start this post at the beginning of my experience with blood antibodies.  I am not talking about actual experience, but what made me want to write this article.  My wife has been sick the last few weeks.  What I mean is that her heart has been racing with any activity at all.  She is normally very active, but the last week or two, that all changed.  Continue reading to find out if antibodies in blood is good or not. 

I know that this blog is supposed to be about me and my journey to a healthy living system.  But, lately things in my life have been putting quite a bit of stress on me.  You see my mother had Quadruple Bypass Surgery about 3 years ago.  The other day she ended up in the hospital with trouble breathing.  This could all be attributed to her heart.  Then to make matters even worse, they found some thing on her lungs.  This could be nothing, or it could be cancer.  I am hoping that they found it quick enough and can stop this before it becomes bad.  

Well, back to my wife.  She decided to go see the doctor.  This is after a bunch of nagging by myself and a few friends.  The doctor ordered blood work.  Not a bad thing, because her symptoms were showing that she may have a thyroid problem.  Fast forward, today the doctors office called, informed her that she needs to go to the emergency room for some additional testing.  Then we found out that she is severely anemic and needs a blood transfusion.  This is a common procedure, but she has antibodies in her blood that is making it a bit troublesome for the local blood bank. 

What are blood antibodies?  This is the question that I typed into Google.  It came back with some interesting information.  Antibodies can be good or bad.  You get the from blood transfusions or diseases.  They are designed to help fight off different diseases.  At times they can turn on you, and attack your red blood cells.  The later is bad.  I am not sure what type she has, I am just hoping that all is well and she will recover from this over the next few days.  

I will be writing more on the subject of antibodies and blood transfusions.  Its late and I really need to get to bed so I can visit my employer in the morning.  So its good night for now.   

Monday, August 26, 2013

Time To Get Back To Work

How many of you guys reading this have found yourself on the wrong side of the slippery slope?  Its happening to me right now.  I have lost over 40 pounds in just a few months.  The problem is that I have lost all motivation and ambition to keep it going.  Now is the time to get back to work.

I know how to do it, just got to do it now.  I believe that I will be following a plan get back on track. If your really interested in going on this journey with me, then keep reading because this is how I am going to lose 3 to 5 pounds per week for the next few months.

First Week!

This will prove to be the hardest of all the weeks.  I have to find the motivation to eliminate many of the foods that I have become accustomed to again.  Gaining motivation to lose weight seems to me the biggest hurdle to overcome.  Maybe with the ReFuel Group Fitness Facility opening up in Newark next month will help.

Well its down to 1500 calories and getting back to working out, starting tomorrow.  Wish me luck on my weigh in, its all for the maintenance challenge.

I will be back to update you all on my success!

Check Back Every day for tips and some motivation.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days

Fat busting techniques that will help your body shed 5 pounds over the next 5 days.  Nope its not about cutting carbs are taking water pills.  Its just simple habits to form that help you become slimmer and healthier, the best part is your will notice your waist getting smaller with in the week.

Drink Water

You may crave those sugary sodas or sports drinks.  All these drinks contain over 100 calories and have not nutritional value at all.  Give them up and replace them with good old water.  You can even save some money by buying one of those water filters and just filter your own water.  If you find it a little boring, then mix in a lemon wedge or some mint leaves.  They even have those little water enhancers that you can buy.  Believe it or not water gets rid of excess water weight.  Its also the best way to get your metabolism moving in the morning.  Just drink an 8 ounce glass of water first thing after waking up.

White Grains and Pasta

Cut out simple carbs.  By eliminating these fat producing, hunger promoting carbs you will slim down even faster.  This is because white rice, white bread and pasta are digested quicker and you will get hungry faster.  These foods also promote bloating which make you feel fatter and tired.  Most dieters will replace these with their whole grain counter part.  Which is fine, but still causes bloating.  Try replacing your chicken sandwich with a grilled chicken salad.  Or maybe instead of chips and dip, try baby carrots and dip.  The vegetables are healthier and digest slower.  This means you will feel full longer and eat less. 

Cardio, Cardio and More Cardio

Thirty minutes of cardio per day.  This may sound like a lot, but it can be done in multiple forms.  If you do not have access to a treadmill, try walking or riding a bike.  Simple tasks like taking your dog for a walk can get you moving.  They say that dogs need at least 1 hour of exercise per day.  Most dogs do not get this in a fenced in back yard.  So, get the leash and hit the sidewalk.  It will be fun for you and your pet. 

Of course you can check out the local high school for access to their fitness center.  Most communities have a YMCA or a gym you can join.  What ever the method, your body burns more calories by moving then it does by sitting still.  So, get moving and keep moving for at least 30 minutes per day.


Yep, you read it correctly.  There is always an exception to the rule.  The only time you should drink something besides water is about 1 hour before your daily cardio workout.  This is because of the energy that it gives you.  You can try coffee with a splash of skim milk or drink it black.  But, you will notice that you can go further and longer with just 1 cup. 


One of the best calorie busting exercises ever.  This is very true when your on top.  This gives you the most moving and the best workout.  If your a female try the reverse cowgirl position and give your buttocks and legs a good going.  Not that any of us needed a reason to enjoy our partners, but its fun and healthy.

 Pushups and Lunges

Pushups target your upper body while lunges target your lower half.  Do 3 sets of 12 at least 3 times per week.  This will help you build muscle which they say burns more calories.  If you want to lose more, then try them daily.  Just remember that good form, is better than just knocking them out.  Also, try hold some free weights while doing the lunges.


I say that the more sleep you get the better you are.  This is almost true.  Just by sleeping 30 minutes more each night you will feel more refreshed.  It does not matter if you are only getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep.  Just add the half hour and start enjoying the new and more refreshed feeling.


Each day is lent.  By cutting out one food that you enjoy.  It does not matter if its the late night ice cream or the chips while watching television.  If you eliminate or at least ration this habit you will notice the pounds start to fall.  Remember that the less you take in, the more that falls off.  Its as simple as that.  And by cutting out one simple item in your diet, your going a long ways in building a healthier you. 

Of course there are methods that make you look smaller or slimmer.  Such as standing up straight, a good posture always looks good.  If you can manage to follow the above methods for just 5 days, you will drop 5 or more pounds.  You will start to look better, because your feeling good about yourself.  The further you go into the plan, the more you will move which leads to losing more weight.  If you feel you need some motivation, then find a partner to work out with.  You can ask friends at work, or join a local fitness club.  Check the newspapers or pennysavers, some communities have biggest loser competitions.  They are fun and a great motivation to help you reach your goal of losing weight.

Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Lose Belly Fat First

Are you pants getting smaller?  Or is your waist getting larger?  Just a couple questions that you may need to ask yourself.  Now that you have your answer, you may want to lose belly fat.  Unlike the rest of your body, the mid-section or belly seems to be the hardest to slim down.  If you would like to learn how to lose belly fast first then continue reading. 

Now this article could be like others and have all kinds of media and photos thrown in there.  But, those at times are just a distraction.  Using this space to teach you how to burn fat fast is what is intended.  Chances are if your still reading this then your still wondering how to lose belly fat.  Maybe you read a few other articles on the subject, just to get to the end and find out you have to pay.  That's just another annoying fact when it comes to losing weight, it costs money.  Which is why this blog and all the methods discussed are free and always will be.  Now that's out of the way, lets get to the #1 method on how to lose belly fat first

Losing Your Belly Fat

Step 1:  Cardio, Cardio, and More Cardio.  Get outside and walk, jog , or ride a bike.  You want to elevate your heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day.  Is your dog fat, then chances are he or she needs exercise also.  Take them for the walk with you.  What ever you do, remember that the more you sweat the better.  After a few sessions you will notice the fat leaving your belly right along with the rest of your body. 

Step 2:  Leg Lifts.  Here you want to tighten and tone your abdomen.  These simple exercises are free and easy to do.  Just lay flat on the floor.  You can use a pillow to support your neck and head.  Now lift your legs while keeping your buttocks on the floor.  Keeping your hands at your side, hold your legs a few inches off the floor for about 10 seconds.  Return to the starting position.  Try to increase the time as you go along.  You will begin to feel the burn. 

Step 3:  Crunches.  This goes along with the leg lifts.  It helps tighten your belly.  You start out with 3 sets of 10 right before bed time.  Do this each day of the week.  After 1 week just increase the amount of reps.  Of course you need to feel it in order for them to work.  So, if your not feeling your muscles tighten then increase the reps until you do. 

Step 4:  Drinking water is what keeps the body moving.  Water will help curb hunger and keep your skin looking healthy.  You never really want to feel hungry because that is when you will notice that your at your weakest.  So try to drink at least half of your weight in ounces of water each day.  So if you weight 180 pounds, try to consume 90 ounces of water.

Step 5:  Eat smaller helpings more often.  Try to eat every 2 or 3 hours a day.  This will keep your metabolism going and your body burning fat.  No snacks like chips or cookies.  Keep things healthy, replace them with carrots and celery.  Eat all 3 main meals.  Never skip breakfast.  Also eat at least 1 non-fat yogurt a day.  Yogurt can chase toxins out of your body which can help your belly flatten.

Step 6:  Appearance.  If your trying to look thinner then stand up straight.  Posture will go along ways in appearing thinner.  Keep your head up straight and shoulders pulled back.  Doing so will also help strengthen your core. 

The above methods are proven ways to lose belly fat first and fast. Remember you didn't gain all that weight over night so your not going to lose it over night.  Just do not lose hope and keep going because only quitters lose the battle of the bulge. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Don't Diet! Just Eat!

Dieting has been proven to be a failed method to losing weight.  This is not just a scientific fact that some overpaid scientist found out.  It is has been tried by ordinary folks for years.  The outcome is the same each time.  Remember that diets fail.   This is where the term "Don't Diet, Just Eat" comes in.  I have managed to go from 293 pounds down to 253 in 3 months using this term.  I do not diet, I eat!  And I want to show you how to do just that.



By eating right and fueling your body with the right stuff you will notice that the number on the scale will drop.  Its not always about eating salads and lean meats.  I personally love ice cream.  This is what makes this method so great.  If you want it, then eat it.  Just do so responsibly.  If you follow a few simple methods outlined in this article you will see that anyone can do it.  This program is FREE and EASY.  Nope I am not trying to sell you anything.  All I ask is that you give this 30 day program a try and see if you can become healthier and happier.

FREE 30 Day Weight Loss Program

The following outline is just that, an outline.  It is designed to help you lose 20 pounds over the next 30 days.  If you follow it correctly, you will notice your waist getting smaller along with the scale.  The best part is that the foods are exactly what your eating now. 

Week 1

This is just the beginning.  You need to set up a food diary.  For me I downloaded an app for my smart phone.  I personally use the My Fitness Pal app.  Its Great and FREE!  You can download this to your IPhone or Android device from the Play Store or Apple Market.  Of course there are many others out there, any of which you can choose and use.

Here is the main plan.  Keep all main meals to less than 400 calories.  The main meals are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Keep all snacks to around 100 calories each.  This will cut you down to right around 1500 daily calories.  By incorporating healthy snacks into your daily plan you will notice that you will never go hungry.  Don't listen to others during this time.  You do not need a "CHEAT DAY".  They do not exist, because you are not limited to a certain food type.  You can eat anything you want.  Remember to drink enough water.  Stay away from soda and other sugary drinks. 

Week 2

Loving this.  By now you will have noticed that you seen a 5 - 10 pound drop on the scale.  This is normal because of water loss.  Now that does not mean that you can not continue because you can.  Just do not expect the same results as the first week.  Of course your now eating more green foods than before, this is because you want to remain full.  Fiber keeps you that, while those calorie packed sugar foods such as white bread just make you feel full for a very brief period. 

During this week your going to continue eating 1500 daily calories.  Now that your choosing foods like salad and whole wheat pasta and breads.  Your remaining full, and your eating less.  This is the best part of this plan.  As the time goes on , your going to eat less and get full sooner.  Personally, I used to eat pizza and wings a few times a week, now I can't or don't for that matter.  Believe me it gets easier as times go on. 

Remember water is the key to all weight loss!  Drink Drink Drink!

Week 3

Did you remember to weigh in.  Weigh ins should be done on the same day at the same time.  This is because your body weight will vary by 2 pounds through out the day.  So, its best to weigh in, in the morning before breakfast.  By now your should be at least 12 to 15 pounds lighter than you were when you started.  Its also time to start excising each day.  I know that your wondering why you didn't start this the first week.  Well for starters, losing weight in the beginning of new eating plans will happen all by its self because your body works that way.  By the 3rd week you need to burn calories in order to keep it going.  So, its recommended that you start out on the treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes a day for the next 7 days.  Yep, you heard it right no rest day or day off.  The only way to success is sweat. 

Week 4

Its the final week of the program.  By now your starting to run for 60 minutes a day and your feeling great.  Your noticing that your clothes are bigger and your smaller.  At the end of this week your going to be 20 pounds lighter than you were 1 month ago.  Your going to be eating around 1200 calories a day, and working out for about 120 minutes per day.  Your new life is just beginning.  Keep it up!

The key to your success is WATER!  Always stay hydrated and you will enjoy life longer.  

The program ends.  Your lighter as long as you followed it.  If you would like more coaching and info please respond by posting in the comments section.  All my advice is free and always will be.  I am on a life changing journey and will never charge anyone for the info that I have learned over the last 4 months.  Remember without failure you will never learn the path to success.  So, if you fall off the path, just jump right back on and begin again.  Everyone can do this, you just have to want it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

High Protien: Lose Weight and Remain Healthy

Losing weight does not have to be boring.  In fact if its done right anyone can drop the pounds and still enjoy the great foods they love.  If you are currently on a weight loss journey, have you tried high protein foods.  This is because as you cut back on calories your body will be using protein to compensate.  By increasing your daily protein intake, you help your body build lean muscle mass and remain in a healthy state.

I know that most of head of low carb, high protein diets.  They do work, I even tried one and lost weight, the problem I had was maintaining.  Nope, do not think that you cant maintain a high protein diet, but its a bit harder to eat those foods on a regular basis and not suffer from cravings.

Benefits Of High Protein

How much protein is needed and what are the benefits.  Well for starters your body needs more protein as you diet.  The less calories you take in, the more protein your going to need.  Research has show that a 200 pound person, should consume about 135 grams of protein per day.  Now on to the benefits of a high protein diet. 

  • Losing weight while enjoying burgers and steaks.  This has to be the reason why so many dieters tried the Atkins or Zone diets. 
  • These diets work!  Another great benefit. 
  • You feel less hungry because your body starts burning fat for fuel to keep going.
Risks of High Protein

  • Putting your body into a state of Ketosis.  This is not healthy and can cause some serious health issues including but limited to Nausea and headaches.
  • Cholesterol.  Eating fatty meats such as beef can put a increase on your cholesterol numbers.  If you are going to try a diet like this, then its recommended that you pick lean meats. 
  • Not sustainable.  If you deprive your body of certain foods such as carbs and fats you will start to crave them.  Then when you react on the cravings, your weight will show. 
Remember that eating healthy and staying on the high side of protein can be fun.  Just include a nice amount of carbs and fats in your diet also.  Eat fruits and vegetables as your source of carbs.  For fats try cooking with olive oil or eat some fish.  The Omega 3 fatty acids are pretty good for you.  Just remember that no food can be listed as off limits.  Just remain in control and you will do just fine on your new weight loss journey.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Need A High Protien Diet Plan

I wanted to give all the readers a chance to input their ideas. 

What I am looking for is some high protien diets.  Not low carb, but high protien.

If you have a protien diet plan please leave it in the comments below.

Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dropping Down In Calories

Is it safe to drop down in calories?  That is a question asked by most people trying to lose weight.  I say yes.  All you need to do is make sure that you stay above 1200 calories.  That is what you need in order to survive everyday.  Keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing.  It takes 1200 calories.  Of course this is a net amount.  So if your active then remember to eat more than this number. 

for example if you burn 500 1700....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whats For Dinner

I know that I am always looking for something to eat.  I have been learning the healthy way to eat for the last 10 weeks.  So knowing what's for dinner is very important, especially knowing before dinner time.  Today I had Turkey Burger on a Spicy Italian Flat Out.  Following is what I did...remember its always healthier to grill than to fry.

Turkey Burger on a Flat Out!

6 oz of ground Turkey  = 180 calories
Thin Crust Spicy Italian Flat Bread = 140 calories
28 grams of Fat Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese =  45 calories

Total Calories = 365 calories.  I grilled the burger and Flat Out.  Remember to grill the meat first, then put the bread on the grill for about 1 minute.  Add the Cheese to the bread while its grilling.  Boom!  Cheeseburger with a bite...its good and feeling. 

I followed this up with a Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich = 150 calories.

Total calories today = 965.  It was low considering I also walk/ran 1.5 miles.

Keep coming back to read more and keep updated on my journey to being FAT FREE!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Calorie Counting Ap for Your Android Phone

It seems that everyone has a smart phone these days.  Its either the IPhone or some Android powered gizmo.  Either way these devices can help you achieve your weight loss goal and the best part is that you wont have to pay a monthly fee. 

I started out using an app called Lose It!, I thought I struck gold with this app.  It counted calories, had a food diary and I could put in exercise.  It made me accountable for what I was doing and eating.  It wasnt until recently that I found another one. 

MyfitnessPal App is great.  Probably the best out of the ones that I used.  It has a 2,000,000 food library.  This is great because you wont have to spend your time inputing everything that you eat.  It allows you to adjust your calorie intake, plus you can view your friends.  I found it in the Play Store on Android Market.  I am sure that you can get it for the IPhone also, just not sure where to look. 

Good Luck on your weight loss and remember to keep moving forward!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Ready For Zumba!

Thats me in the blue shirt....

Ever want to know how you can burn 1000 calories in an hour?  Try dancing at a great pace.  That is what I am getting ready to do.  I am attending my third Zumba class in about 45 minutes.  It all started about 3 or 4 weeks ago. My Relay for Life team held a Zumba For A Cure fundraiser and I attended.  It was quite fun.  I then went to one class with my wife.  Now I am going to my third.  I am ready to burn those calories.

I am going to take one Thermo Burst Hardcore pill before I go.  This will give me the energy and make me sweat out the fat.  Remember Tuesday is weigh-in.  Gotta check back to see if I met my 5 pound goal for this week.  Need to be over 40 pounds total by the end of my biggest loser challenge. 

Right now I am at 32.5 pounds loss or 11% of my original body weight of 293.5 pounds.

On the way to Zumba!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My First 5K! Time to Lose the Excuses!

Are you a big loser?  Probably, not in most aspects of life.  But, losing weight is one area where being a loser is not a bad thing.  If you read Getting Started, then you probably already know that Ive been trying to lose weight for about 6 weeks now.  It really has not been as hard as some might think.  What is your reason for not starting now!

I remember back when I wanted to lose weight.  We decided we would start Monday.  Kept saying that today is the last day we can drink soda or eat a cheeseburger.  Then Monday came, and we put it off again.  Its called temptation, in order to be successful at this leaner and healthier lifestyle, we need to over come the temptations and start losing the excuses.  I know you have probably already used a few of them.

One of my favorite excuses is that life is too stressful.  Then maybe its time to take a stress managment course.  If you use this one "I dont have enough time".  Remember you have the same exact amount of time that everyone else has, 24 hours.  Thats all the time in a day, you need to make the time.  Lose the excuses and lose the weight. 

To the left here you will see my cousins and kids of cousins and myself.  To the far left is my cousin Scott.  He started losing weight about 5 months ago.  He started at 303 pounds and is down to 230 pounds.  All the way to the right is his brother (Lee).  Lee started at about 250 and is down to 218.  I am right in the middle in the teal or green colored shirt.  My number is 522 in case you want to know.  I started at 293 and currently am weighing at 264.  I finished the 5K in 55 minutes and 25 seconds.  My goal of under and hour was met.  The best part of running this with my family is that it was for breast cancer and we lost an aunt exactly 9 years to the day of this race. Not to mention that as I was coming up to the last leg of the race, my cousins all decided to keep me going by running it with me.  A very touching moment for me knowing that they were all there to make sure I finished the 3.1 miles strong. 
If your interested in learning how to train for a 5K, I can tell you that its nothing like running on a treadmill.  You need to get outside and run.  Treadmills are great for cardio, but being outside is totally different.  I can do 3 miles on an elipitcal or treadmill, but the race killed my legs.  So, my advice is if you never ran outside, do it.  You will feel a completely different feeling.  Keep the following schedule and you will be running 3 miles or more in about 5 weeks.
Week 1:
Monday-Run 1 mile/run for 30 seconds-walk for 1 minute.  Repeat until you reach the mile.
Tuesday-Walk for 30 minutes
Thursday-Run 1 mile/run for 30 seconds-walk for 1 minute.  Repeat until you reach the mile.
Friday-Walk for 30 minutes
Saturday-Rest or Walk
Week 2:
Monday-Run 1.5 miles/running for 1 minute and walking for 2...
Tuesday-Walk for 45 minutes
Thursday-Run 1.5 miles/running for 1 minute and walking for 2...
Friday-Walk for 45 minutes
Saturday-Rest or Walk
Week 3:
Monday-Run 2 miles/running for 1.5 minutes and walking for 3
Tuesday-Walk for 1 hour
Thursday-Run 2 miles/running for 1.5 minutes and walking for 3
Friday-Walk for 1 hour
Sunday-Walk for 1.5 hours
Week 4: Times getting close...time to push to the finish
Monday-Run 3 miles/running for 2 minutes and walking for 2
Tuesday-Run 3 miles/running for 2 minutes and walking for 2
Wed-Walk for 2 hours
Friday-Walk for 2 hours
Saturday-Good day for a run.  Run or Walk 2 miles.
Week 5:  Its race week!
Monday: Run 3.1 miles/running for 5 minutes walking for 2.
Tuesday: Rest
Wendsday: Run 3.1 miels/running for 5 minutes walking for 2.
Friday:Take a walk, just keep moving.
Saturday: Its Race Day!  When doing this, run run run.  Remember its you that you need to beat.  Set a goal and reach for it.  My goal in my first 5K was to finish in under 1 hour.  I did that (55 minutes and 25 seconds).  My next goal will be to finish in 50 minutes or less. 
After the race.  Take the next few days off.  Your legs deserve it!  Great job and keep moving and losing weight and excuses.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Started: Looking for the Motivation!

Lets start this in the beginning.  I have been wanting to lose weight for quite sometime now.  I know your probably thinking that we all have.  Well, may be true.  The hardest thing that I found is to just get started.  I say this because losing weight is actually easy after that.  For some of us we just need something to get us going.

For me the motivation came from work.  They have a "Biggest Loser" competition at work.  It lasts 10 weeks and the winner recieves $200 cash and 2 paid days off from work.  That might be enough motivation to get anyone started.  For me it was enough.  Not to mention that they also have an on-site fitness center and that cuts out the cost of joining a gym.

I started this competition weighing in at 293 pounds.  I started the first week out by losing 10.5 pounds.  I was excited about this.  The way I started was cardio, cardio, cardio.  Also I cut my food intake down to about 1200-1500 calories per day.  This was down from well over 3000 daily calories.  I was eating 2 or 3 slices of pizza and a dozen chiken wings about twice a week.  I would also squeeze in a few cheeseburgers and all the soda I could drink. 

I had to cut out the soda, pizza and wings.  Dropped away from all fried food.  I started going to the gym daily after work.  The reward came in the way of weight being dropped off.  The amount of weight 10.5 pounds kept me going for the next week.  We are currently in the 6 week of the competition and I will be writing more each day.  This is get you all upto date and then it will be weekly updates and just a few other posts as too help others with motivation.

Remember that losing weight comes down to a simple equation.  Calories in < Calories out = pounds lost.  Also, you have to keep in mind that there are 3500 calories in 1 pound of fat.  So, if your ready to start losing then keep reading.