Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Calorie Counting Ap for Your Android Phone

It seems that everyone has a smart phone these days.  Its either the IPhone or some Android powered gizmo.  Either way these devices can help you achieve your weight loss goal and the best part is that you wont have to pay a monthly fee. 

I started out using an app called Lose It!, I thought I struck gold with this app.  It counted calories, had a food diary and I could put in exercise.  It made me accountable for what I was doing and eating.  It wasnt until recently that I found another one. 

MyfitnessPal App is great.  Probably the best out of the ones that I used.  It has a 2,000,000 food library.  This is great because you wont have to spend your time inputing everything that you eat.  It allows you to adjust your calorie intake, plus you can view your friends.  I found it in the Play Store on Android Market.  I am sure that you can get it for the IPhone also, just not sure where to look. 

Good Luck on your weight loss and remember to keep moving forward!

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