Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blood Antibodies: Are They Good For You

Lets start this post at the beginning of my experience with blood antibodies.  I am not talking about actual experience, but what made me want to write this article.  My wife has been sick the last few weeks.  What I mean is that her heart has been racing with any activity at all.  She is normally very active, but the last week or two, that all changed.  Continue reading to find out if antibodies in blood is good or not. 

I know that this blog is supposed to be about me and my journey to a healthy living system.  But, lately things in my life have been putting quite a bit of stress on me.  You see my mother had Quadruple Bypass Surgery about 3 years ago.  The other day she ended up in the hospital with trouble breathing.  This could all be attributed to her heart.  Then to make matters even worse, they found some thing on her lungs.  This could be nothing, or it could be cancer.  I am hoping that they found it quick enough and can stop this before it becomes bad.  

Well, back to my wife.  She decided to go see the doctor.  This is after a bunch of nagging by myself and a few friends.  The doctor ordered blood work.  Not a bad thing, because her symptoms were showing that she may have a thyroid problem.  Fast forward, today the doctors office called, informed her that she needs to go to the emergency room for some additional testing.  Then we found out that she is severely anemic and needs a blood transfusion.  This is a common procedure, but she has antibodies in her blood that is making it a bit troublesome for the local blood bank. 

What are blood antibodies?  This is the question that I typed into Google.  It came back with some interesting information.  Antibodies can be good or bad.  You get the from blood transfusions or diseases.  They are designed to help fight off different diseases.  At times they can turn on you, and attack your red blood cells.  The later is bad.  I am not sure what type she has, I am just hoping that all is well and she will recover from this over the next few days.  

I will be writing more on the subject of antibodies and blood transfusions.  Its late and I really need to get to bed so I can visit my employer in the morning.  So its good night for now.   

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